Arctic industry cluster for oil and gas, fish farming and fishery

About us

Developing arctic expertise

Arctic Maintenance is the industry body for the oil and gas cluster in Hammerfest, who aims to increase market share and competitiveness to cluster companies  in close collaboration with R&D- and education sector.


  1. Expertise in Arctic Maintenance & Modification 
  2. Improve work- and production processes
  3. Promote competence development and attract talents and investors
  4. Effective logistics management & operations
  5. Stimulate technology development

What we do

  • Promotion

    Opportunities to reach new customers and markets

  • Supplier events

    Meeting place for new project initiatives and cooperation

  • Industry Workshops

    Solve industry challenges in the Barents Sea

  • Education & Training programs

    Knowledge transfer and competence development

  • R&D Events

    Project activities to ensure R&D partners and funding

  • Place attractiveness

    Attracting capital, skilled labor and new start-ups

Our advantages

Our goals

  • Increased local sourcing through cooperation, corporate development and capacity building.
  • Strengthen companies` competitiveness through targeted competence programs and increased scope of projects.
  • Increase the number of innovation and development projects from the business community through active cooperation between operators, main contractors and the R&D.
  • Arctic Maintenance shall through project initiatives stimulate for a revenue increase by 20% in total for all cluster members within 3 years.

Short term effects for members

  • Increase cluster visibility, and by extension giving opportunities for cluster members to reach out to new customers/markets
  • Engage in projects to promote innovation, business development and / or risk sharing
  • Organize workshops, training session and R&D Events


Goliat FPSO
  • ABB
  • Apply Sørco
  • Hammerfest Industri Service
  • Mento
  • Simon Møkster Shipping
Johan Castberg
  • ABB
  • Aker Solutions
  • Polarbase
Melkoya LNG Plant
  • Bilfinger
  • Aibel
  • ABB
  • Gagama Elektro
  • Hammerfest Industri Service
  • AF Gruppen
Near-shore fish farm
  • Hammerfest Industri Service
  • Mento
  • ABB
  • Polarbase
  • Gagama Elektro
  • Hammerfest Havn
  • Gagama Elektro
  • Hammerfest Industri Service
  • Mento
  • Kimek
  • Hammerfest Inspection
Cluster members



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Board members

  • Petter Bjørkli
  • Sverre Henriksen
  • Ulf Rønquist
  • Vidar Antonsen
  • Bengt Holmgren
  • Marit Hansen
  • Jeanette Torbjørnsen